What benefits does LANTECH offer to compared to dealing with a traditional real estate agency?

LANTECH provides a transparent and direct communication channel between tenants and property owners. Our platform eliminates the need for intermediaries, allowing for instant and efficient communication. You can raise issues, track progress, and receive updates directly from the property owner, ensuring a smoother and more responsive experience.

How is my personal information and payment data protected when using the LANTECH platform?

LANTECH employs robust security measures, including encryption and secure servers, to safeguard your personal information and payment data. We prioritize the privacy and security of tenant information, implementing industry-standard practices to ensure confidentiality and data protection. Our data centres, web development teams, and internal staff are all Australia based.

Additionally, we will never sell your data to other companies.

Ever give your contact details to a real estate agency and find you suddenly start getting an uptick in spam calls? That won’t happen with LANTECH.

Can I still expect routine property inspections, and how will they be conducted?

Yes, routine property inspections may still be conducted when the property is managed via the LANTECH platform. Inspection frequency is managed by the owner and you may be required to upload photos digitally through our platform, or the owner/a nominated party may physically inspect the property. We prioritize transparency and communication; you will be able to view upcoming inspections via the portal and receive reminder notifications leading up to any scheduled dates.

What happens if there are disputes between me and the property owner?

LANTECH serves as a neutral platform, providing a channel for open communication between tenants and property owners. In the event of disputes, we encourage both parties to engage in constructive dialogue through the portal. If needed, LANTECH can offer mediation support to ensure fair and amicable resolutions for both parties.

How will transitioning from a traditional real estate agency to LANTECH impact me?

The transition to LANTECH should not impact your existing lease agreement or contractual obligations. LANTECH seamlessly coordinates the conversion of management responsibilities to the owner, ensuring continuity in lease terms, rent payments, and other contractual agreements.